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Here's a massive collection of drum sounds from Hy2rogen. You get 5 basic folders- kicks, hats, claps & snares, cymbals and percussion. Tons to choose from in each folder. If you are a seasoned producer, you might think this overkill but if you're new to the game- this could one of the best sets you'll ever buy. The quality is great and you probably wont need another set of drums. Just make sure you understand these are 'one-shots'- not loops. You make your own drum patterns. Also know that because there are so many sounds- when you load them in your sampler of choice- they load in large clips and not in "sets" or "kits" so you will be loading 50 kicks, then 50 claps, then 50 hats, etc.


Jason Nevins


Fulfill your drum needs with this new jumbo-sized one shots container, coming straight from the secret vaults of HY2ROGEN.

We've placed 2500 pristine multi-purpose drum sounds in this one, usable throughout a course of several genres including but not limited to: bigroom, tribal, progressive, electro, house, tech house, deep house, future house, bass house and beyond. These are the right tools to create your mainroom hit track but also to play around in the tech-tribal-house department.

You can never have too many drum hits in your personal library and these are a perfect addition as they are versatile and plenty to chose from.

Get down with head-crushing bigroom, electro, progressive and tech drum kicks, all you can eat claps, stacked claps & snares and classic to edm-type snares, hundreds of flavored hi-hats, cymbals and a percussion mayhem collection that comes labelled folders as follows: congas & bongos, light percussion, misc percussion and toms.

What you get is 2500 WAV one shots broken down into 5 main folders that include 400 kicks (200 electro & progressive kicks, 200 tech kicks), 800 claps & snares (200 single claps, 400 single snares, 200 stacked claps & snares), 400 hi-hats, 800 percussion shots (200 congas & bongos, 200 light percussion shots, 200 misc percussion shots, 200 tom & lows), 100 cymbals (50 crashes and 50 rides).

We have also included 200 software sampler files (EXS24, Kontakt, NNXT, Halion) for easy access and usage within your workflow.

All of the sounds are offered as 24bit 44.1Khz WAV one shots along with sampler patches for the upper mentioned software.

Don't let the demo fool you as there is so much more inside!

Attention: The other sounds heard in the demo (melodies, vocals, basslines, fx) are not included in the pack and are taken from various releases here on HY2ROGEN.

The pack only contains drum one shots!

  • 300MB+
  • 24Bit 44.1Khz WAV
  • 2700 files
  • 2500 WAV files
  • 200 sampler patches (EXS24, Kontakt, NNXT, Halion)
  • 400 kicks
  • 800 claps & snares
  • 400 hi-hats
  • 800 percs
  • 100 cymbals
  • 200 EDM kicks
  • 200 Tech kicks
  • 200 single claps
  • 200 EDM snares
  • 200 Classic snares
  • 200 stacked claps & snares
  • 400 hi-hats
  • 200 congas & bongos
  • 200 light percussion shots
  • 200 misc percussion shots
  • 200 toms & lows