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Size 16MB+
Files 4251 total presets
38 preset packs
1788 Massive presets (17 soundsets)
741 Spire presets (6 soundsets)
1722 Sylenth1 presets (15 soundsets)
Other ARPED and LFOed sounds
includes bass, leads, chords, stabs, plucks, effects
NI Massive 1.3 and above
Lennar Digital Sylenth1 v2.2.1 and above
Reveal Sound Spire 1.0.7 and above
MASSIVE PRESETS Native Instruments Massive 1.3 and above presets
1788 total presets
17 preset packs
includes bass, leads, chords, stabs, plucks, effects
SPIRE PRESETS Reveal Sound Spire v1.0.7 and above Presets
741 total presets
6 preset packs
includes bass, leads, chords, stabs, plucks, effects
SYLENTH1 PRESETS Lennar Digital Sylenth1 v2.2.1 and above Presets
1722 total presets
15 preset packs
includes bass, leads, chords, stabs, plucks, effects
Price in reward points: 2995
  • Reward Points: 100

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About this sample pack

Imagine some of the best presets HY2ROGEN has to offer, all gathered in one place, under one huge bundle pack titled “Total Preset Collection”. This huge save-up opportunity, comes with all of our software synthesizer presets for Massive, Spire and Sylenth1.

Indulge your creative process with 38 dance music oriented preset packs that come equipped with no less than 4000+ total presets. These custom tailored sounds feature a mixture of multiple EDM genres, from ultra deep progressive house, screaming bigroom electro, bouncy future house, on the spot trap and future bass to pure electro house, groove house, LFOed dubstep and even jackin’ tech house. The pack is not limited to the ones already mentioned and you can go beyond.

We got hundreds of edm electro, progressive and trap leads, future bass and bigroom melody ready milky chords, supporting additives, syncopated, pure electro, deep and LFOed bass sounds, deep tech stabs & plucksters and of course essential effects. All of these sounds work really well with our MIDI Collection #1 sample packs.

Get a bigger sound by stacking presets and different synthesizers all together. A really good combination would be Spire + Sylenth1 in generating anything from filthy basslines, huge ear-melting leads to melodic plucks, chords and additives. Add a little compression, saturation, EQ at taste and you are all good to go!

What you get is 4251 presets that consist of 1788 NI Massive presets (17 soundsets), 1722 Lennar Digital Sylenth1 presets (15 soundsets) and 741 Reveal Sound Spire presets (6 soundsets).

The package includes the following 38 preset packs: Deep & Tech For Massive 1-2, Deep Future House Massive Bass, EDM Massive Plucks, EDM Massive Presets, EDM Massive Soundset 1-2, Future House Massive Bass 2, Massive Bass, Massive Leads, Massive Soundset 1-3, Trap & Future Bass For Massive 1-2, Wobble House For Massive 1-2, Deep House Spire Presets, Deep Progressive For Spire, EDM Spire Soundset 1-2, Future Bass For Spire, Groove House For Spire, Deep & Future House For Sylenth1, EDM Sylenth1 Leads, EDM Sylenth Soundset 1-2, Progressive Tech For Sylenth1, Sylenth1 Leads, Sylenth1 Plucks, Sylenth1 Soundset 1-5, Sylenth1 Wobble Bass, Trapped Sylenth1 1-2.

Remember to stack your synths and sounds for fuller, wider and “jumping out of the speakers” tones!

All of the packs are available for individual purchase and as separate collection based on the specific synthesizer (Massive, Spire or Sylenth1).