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From the depths of the HY2ROGEN laboratories we are thrilled to make your acquaintance with a fusion of electronic music styles served as a solid 1.6GB+ all in one collection of hypnotic sonic tools titled as Deep Culture Rave.Sit back and take your time to listen to the entire journey through sound..
Returning to rhythm infused vibes, the HY2ROGEN team is delighted to present the latest irresistible sound collection for express inspiration titled as Tech House Ritual.This intensive 600MB+ collection has been inspired by the roots of tribal grooves in order to bring saucy percussion elements in t..
Stepping in the footprints of our highly acclaimed Moody Trap and Moody Trap 2 collections, we are delighted to present a mind-blowing library of elite jaw-dropping sounds that will catapult your beat making career.We've taken inspiration from the best producers and artists in the game, so expect to..
HY2ROGEN is proud to present a new and unique sounding sample pack titled - Balkan House, putting 1GB+ of creativity sparking materials at your finger tips.This sound bending collection has been inspired by southeast european folklore with bits of klezmer and gypsy influences along with a mixture of..
Enriching the journey through tech house infused realms, HY2ROGEN is proud to present Gravity Tech House, the latest sample pack concocted in the romanian based underground laboratory.With around 900mb+ of organic infused materials, blended to construct this superb cluster of essential sounds for th..
Slowing down the tempo, HY2ROGEN explores new techno realms going for a more deeper and progressive direction to deliver a fresh assortment of raw inspiring materials, titled - Deep Techno Magic.Inspired by artists that have put a dent in the universe of deep, progressive and melodic techno, this sa..
Moving over to faster soundscapes, HY2ROGEN is delighted to get down to the underground pits and blast a brand new sample pack titled Hypnotic Techno, served up as 1GB of materials filled with inspiration to build those sweat inducing tracks.Jam-packed with repetitive hypnotic grooves this new relea..
The HY2ROGEN underground laboratory opens it's doors to the wide public to deliver a superb collection of tech house infused sounds in the form of a 1.2GB+ sample pack.Creating a synergy between multiple flavors of tech house, HY2ROGEN is thrilled to facilitate the inclusion of deep tech, tribal, ..
HY2ROGEN returns with more bass focused house music in the form of a 1.3GB+ sample pack titled – Slap House Nation and delivers a complete collection of tools for the sound that has taken over the global charts.Just like our previously released – Make It Slap  pack, we are delighted to offer mo..
CLICK TO DOWNLOAD THE 1GB FREE TASTER PACK The deal of a lifetime is here on HY2ROGEN with an enormous 44GB+ of content and over 64.000+ files in the form of a pristine bundled complete dance music production suite titled – DANCE MUSIC MONSTER ULTRA BUNDLE.If you want a booming and successful care..
HY2ROGEN is back with the new sound of bigroom titled – Future Rave and unleashes 820MB+ of pure drag'n drop ready samples and presets designed to get you in the zone and create your next monster track.Arising from the masters David Guetta and Morten, this new sound direction portraits big ravey syn..
HY2ROGEN is launching hard in 2021 with a superb collection of versatile sounds featuring a mixture of several electronic dance music styles in the form of 1.2GB+ of inspiration thrusting madness. In this gathering of sonic bliss, you have a multitude of sub genres such as future house, bass ho..
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