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Size 1.8GB+
Files 1574 total files
957 WAV files
357 REX2 files
150 MIDI files
25 soft sampler files
50 additive loops
100 bass loops (dry+wet)
100 chord & melody loops (dry+wet)
250 drum hits
50 drum fiils
50 sound effects
50 percussive loops
50 top loops
50 vocal loops
110 synth presets
50 claps & snares
50 cymbals
50 kicks
50 perc shots
50 Massive presets
30 Spire presets
30 Sylenth1 presets
Tempo 125 BPM
Other 24Bit 44.1Khz
DRY & WET exports
2-8 bar loops
DRUM HITS 50 Claps & Snares
50 Cymbals
50 Kicks
50 Perc Shots
20 Soft Sampler PAtches for EXS24, Halion, Kontakt & NNXT
FILLS & FX 50 Drum Fiils
50 Sound Effects
VOCAL LOOPS 50 WAV vocal loops
key labelled
50 Additive Loops
100 Bass Loops (Dry+Wet)
100 Chord & Melody Loops (Dry+Wet)
SYNTH PRESETS NI Massive 1.5+/Sylenth1 V2.2.1+/Spire 1.0.20+
50 Massive Presets
30 Spire Presets
30 Sylenth1 v2.2 Presets
DRUM LOOPS 208 Drum Loops
50 Percussive Loops
50 Top Loops
Price in reward points: 3295
  • Reward Points: 100

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About this sample pack

HY2ROGEN releases upon the world another content based sample pack, this time taking inspiration from the current rising trend called ‘future house’ and delivering a whopping 1.8GB+ of content to rock your DAW.

Crossing the borders between future house, wobble house, bass house, bigroom electro and progressive, this pack is a mixture of several styles and influences resulting in a must-have sample pack that can fulfill multiple EDM oriented tasks.

The pack goes full bolt on with 10 main folders broken down into additive loops, bass loops, chords & melody loops, drum hits, drum loops, fills, fx, percussive loops, top loops and vocal loops. These loops go from 2-8 bars with most of the content being presented as 4 bar loops. All of the musical content is delivered both DRY & WET and along with 1 extra bar to catch the reverb/delay/release tails. MIDI files are also included where applicable. A bonus of 110 virtual synth presets are also included (50 Massive, 30 Sylenth1, 30 Spire), featuring sounds in the pack. Recreate and alter you favorites!

What you get is 1.8GB+ of content broken down into 1574 total files consisting of 957 WAV files [50 additive loops, 50 bass loops (dry&wet), 50 chord & melody loops (dry&wet), 250 drum hits (50 claps & snares, 50 cymbals, 50 hi-hats, 50 kicks, 50 perc shots), 30 drum kits delivered as stems (207 drum loop stems), 50 fills, 50 effects, 50 percussive loops, 50 top loops, 50 key labelled vocal loops], 150 MIDI files (50 additives, 50 bass loops, 50 chord & melody loops), 357 REX2 files for all the drum content, 25 sampler patches (EXS24, Kontakt, NNXT, Halion) and 110 virtual synth presets (50 Massive presets, 30 Sylenth1 presets and 30 Spire presets). All of the sounds have been exported at a quality of 24bit 44.1Khz. The Apple Loops version of this pack is also available for purchase along with separate content folders.

A perfect addition to this pack would be two of our previous releases: Future House MIDI Basslines & Future House MIDI Basslines 2.