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HY2ROGEN puts together a new save-up opportunity in the form of a whopping 6.7GB+ WAV & MIDI content pack, with sounds taken from 18 of his best releases since 2009 to present day.

This monstrous collection includes all of a kind basslines, melodic and breakdown-perfect melodies & chords, drop-bashing leads & drops, on the spot gap-filling additives and plucks, all as WAV along with MIDI files for all sounds included.

The sounds in this package are perfect for a large scope of EDM genres including but not limited to Electro House, Progressive House, Future House, Bass House, Groove House, Trap, Complextro, Tech House and others.

This collection has been put together with samples taken from the following previously released 18 sample packs: Hy2rogen – Groove House, Future House, EDM 1 & 2, Trap, EDM Remix Tools, Progressive Tools 6,7, 8 & 9, MIDI Tracks 1 & 2, MIDI Additives, MIDI World Of Plucks 1 & 2, Full Option Progressive Tech House, Micro Pressure – Future House MIDI Baselines 1 & 2.

What you get is 6.7GB+ of content delivered as 5282 total files broken down into 3099 WAV loops , 2183 MIDI files, 1515 bass loops, 1223 leads, 976 melody loops, 509 additive loops, 410 pluck loops, 649 misc loops.

The majority of the loops come with DRY & WET exports and up to 8 bars in length along with one extra bar to catch the reverb/delay/release tails (4+1).

Don't let the demos fool you as this sample pack is a must-have in your personal library and can spark ideas at any point of the day!

All of the files are offered as WAV at a quality of 24bit 44.1Khz and MIDI.

  • 6.7GB+ of content
  • 5282 total files
  • 3099 WAV files
  • 2183 MIDI files
  • 1515 bass loops
  • 1223 leads
  • 976 melody loops
  • 509 additive loops
  • 410 pluck loops
  • 649 misc loops
  • 128-150 BPM
  • 2-8 bars long
  • key and tempo labelled
  • DRY & WET versions
  • 24bit 44.1 Khz