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Size 8.9GB+
Files 5207 total WAV files
3305 sound effects
1902 fills
taken from 51 sample packs
Tempo 120 - 140 BPM
Other 24bit 44.1Khz
1 – 16 bars long
key labelled where applicable
contains downlifters, uplifters, sweeps, tonal risers, impacts, delay fx, foley, fx fills, classic fills, tonal fills, fx loops, etc.
FX Only 3305 sound effects
Fills Only 1902 fills
Price in reward points: 3495
  • Reward Points: 100

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About this sample pack

HY2ROGEN returns with the latest addition to the stable - Massive Fills & FX Bundle, the final 8.9GB+ piece of the puzzle for a complete collection of inspirational sounds, another true save-up opportunity.

Culminating with over 10+ years of creativity and tons of sounds from the laboratory, HY2ROGEN has put together this exclusive offer in the form of smashing edm drum fills, key labelled tonal risers, downlifters, sweeps, uplifters, delay fx, classic fills, fx loops, foley, impacts and many other goodies that sum up the last decade, that you would not be able to obtain without purchasing the majority of our releases.

This whale of a pack comes equipped with 5200+ files of everything you need for that superior layer in terms of atmosphere, extra sauce and variation making tools with the help of sound effects, fills and additional loops for your tracks. We've got you covered with all you can eat Fills and FX in this one and they can be used in anything from house, bigroom, progressive, tech house, future, deep, bass, tropical, trap and beyond.

The collection contains materials from the following 51 releases: HY2ROGEN: Deep House Kits & Bits, Dirty Electro & Bass, EDM 1-4, EDM Fusion, EDM Remix Tools, Experimental Future Bass 1-2, Full Option Progressive Tech House, Future House 1-3, Future House Fiasco, Groove House, Ibiza Tech House, Intensive Progressive House, Mainroom FX 1-4, Mashed Acid House, Moody Trap, Peaktime Electro Elements, Progressive Tools 1-9, Psytrance Arena, Sound of Tomorrow, Tech House, Tech House Influenza, Tekno House Nights, Trap 1-2, Tribal Groove House, Tropical Deep House, Wobble House, Whitenoise Instrument, Essential FX 1-3, Essential Builds & Sweeps, Essential Fills Vol. 1-7.

What you get is 8.9GB+ of content, totaling 5207 files that include 3305 sound effects and 1902 fills, key and tempo labelled where applicable. All of the loops have been exported at a quality of 24bit 44.1Khz. Also the tempo range is 120-140 BPM.

Please note: The demos are a fraction of what value this bundled sample pack can bring to your personal collection. Several other must-have bundles from HY2ROGEN include: Ultimate Vocal Collection, 28000 One Shots, Megalodon Drum Loops Collection, Total Preset Collection, MIDI Collection #2, MIDI Collection.
Tags: WAV , Loops , One Shots