Here's a massive collection of drum sounds from Hy2rogen. You get 5 basic folders- kicks, hats, claps & snares, cymbals and percussion. Tons to choose from in each folder. If you are a seasoned producer, you might think this overkill but if you're new to the game- this could one of the best sets you'll ever buy. The quality is great and you probably wont need another set of drums. Just make sure you understand these are 'one-shots'- not loops. You make your own drum patterns. Also know that because there are so many sounds- when you load them in your sampler of choice- they load in large clips and not in "sets" or "kits" so you will be loading 50 kicks, then 50 claps, then 50 hats, etc.


Jason Nevins


Nice selection of Kicks here for the basis of any club track. Ranging from warm to clicky.. they are all solid. You can never have too many kicks... in the sonic arsenal! For best results drag and drop into a sampler and edit the envelopes to your liking. Best served with a side helping of saturation!

jack sparrow

Jack Sparrow


Tribal Groove House is a great library if you're looking for any kind of fresh, groovy, techy or bigroom tribal and percussion house loops and sounds. Everything in this set sounds clean, fat or warm - great selection of loops of all kinds! The vocal section is inspiring and can be used instantly or just as a start for further processing. The variety of grooves and vibes is really useful and it's easy to create individual and great sounding drum tracks in a minute. Loving this one!


Thomas Gold


Very solid collection of drum sounds, well worth adding to your percussive arsenal. Whats especially worth mentioning that bonus has been put on quality rather than quantity - so what you get is a tight, varied selection of hits that is easy to use, as opposed to having a wall of sounds that all sound mighty similar.




HY2ROGEN is back with cool pack for tech-house. This pack has one folder. Simple to find all the bits included. This pack is pretty direct and to the point - It has loads of tech-house loops, just as the name implies. You get no fluff just essential top loops, percussion loops, and every type of tech-house groove u will need to get a dope back beat on the go. Wicked pack when your in a pinch. the Loops are top notch and will be great for Techno and House producers as well.


Lenny Dee


There are so many Massive presets around these days, but it's hard to find one that delivers high quality and good sounds. Here is one you should have if you like Massive. Really like the sub and bass sounds, perfect for almost any kind of house. Also lots of nice chord, lead and pad sounds. All in all a good purchase.


Chase Buch


A very versatile and wide ranging selection of Trap style samples. It's really easy to build your own unique tracks as the sloops are often split in to groups like kick loops, hat loops, top loops etc. There's also many vocal, fx and horn loops which is really what this style of music is about. The quality is very good and all the sounds have a high production value which means you can slip it into your own tracks or build tracks around the loops provided. I think the additive loops are really great and makes this pack quite unique and very useful for many genres including Trap, Future Bass, Dubstep and D&B.


Davide Carbone


An awesome selection of hard hitting future house samples that sound bang up to date. This is a BIG pack with heaps of leads, pianos, melodies, basses and more drums than you can shake a stick at. The additive loops folder is a nice touch and contains blippy counter leads to layer up and further enhance your track. A vocal folder is also included with lots of edity vocal loops. All in all this is a really great pack, equally useful for a newcomer to future house or a experienced producer. Highly recommended.

my digital enemy

My Digital Enemy


Why do I love this set....first its different than most and second, its the stuff you hear that's so cool and has that 'repetitive' feel that's also got a sick groove. These sounds in different forms can go from late night in a small dark club to main room / main stage. If you layer some of this stuff- its massive main stage sounds -but if you keep some of the bass and/or additive sounds broken down and you can rock the hell out of a late night smaller moody venue. I hate giving this a 10 because I secretly dont want you to know about it... but its that good in my opinion (LOL). The basses, sub basses, additive sounds, leads, melody loops...everything is top notch. The singe drum sounds are super tight- ZERO filler, all great drums. Hy2rogen killed this one. Great job !


Jason Nevins


These are sick! These guys make the BEST fills in the game! Nice mixture between Tech & more EDM fills. Awesome pack!




This is a winning recipe: vocal slice abstractions offered as Loops (101 files of instant funk) and single shots (270 pieces of a choice construction set) all Key-labeled and covering a healthy spread of style and tone. If you employ vocal chops / stabs in your production this one is essential. The whole pack really comes alive when one starts slicing and rearranging the bounty of percussive vocal gold here.


Bassbin Twins


Great Package! Very inspiring and the samples and loops can be super useful to start a track from scratch or they can go straight into an ongoing production. It's all in there, the drum and percussion loops have both, the standard bits and also some cool and fresh ones. Great collection!


Thomas Gold


I haven't used Spire much lately so I needed some inspiration. Downloaded this pack and I was not disappointed. Some basic sounds in here also but that's cool coz you need those in there to fill out tracks. Love the plucks, they are super! Love the basses too but the best part of this soundset are the chords (which spire is always great at delivering). Professional sound design by Hy2rogen as always. Great pack should get some cool use.

dave winnel

Dave Winnel


Great variety as well as extremely well done as usual for Andrei (Hy2rogen). Everything is very loud and compressed so you won't need any extra help in the mastering department. Everything is big room / festival / mainstage. You should only look at this set if you are looking for ENERGY and power! For any of that boring Tropical House, downtempo, chill, midtempo stuf f- go look somewhere else... this will make the speakers pound! Everything is at 128 bpm so it all fits nicely together. Hy2rogen always brings the goods - and this is no different... always one the best in the sample library biz.


Jason Nevins


Great set of vocal glitch loops & one-shots from Hy2rogen. These are very useful in almost any sound from hard EDM to tropical house. Just time stretch them to your desired tempo and they will work ! Everything is at 125 bpm to start but will stretch fine a bit faster or slower. Good mix of male and female vocals as well as rap/ urban style as well. These can be mixed with original vocals as well to be used seamlessly - which saves some time from having to chop original vocals - so grab a copy today!


Jason Nevins