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Size 1.66GB+
Files 1634 total files
1203 WAV files
195 REX2 files
204 MIDI files
32 soft sampler files
60 bass loops
30 builds & fills
310 drum hits
180 drum loops
40 fx loops
295 hooks & drops
228 melody loops
60 top drum loops
Tempo 128 BPM
Other 24Bit 44.1Khz
2-16 bar loops
DRY & WET exports
key labelled
DRUM HITS 310 drum hits
8 soft sampler patches for NNXT, Halion, Kontakt, EXS24
295 hooks & drops
228 melody loops
DRUM LOOPS 180 drum loops
60 top drum loops
195 Rex2 Files
Price in reward points: 2995
  • Reward Points: 100

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About this sample pack

Delivering 1600+ pure EDM, electro and progressive house sounds in the form of fresh hooks, dance floor destroying drops, bigroom lush chords & melodies, skull-crushing complete drum loops, infected basslines, complementing effects, insane sweeps, risers & fills and perfect top loops, the pack is another must-have in your sample library.

Inspired by the current outbreaking musical trend, Hy2rogen has put together a collection of more than 1.6GB+ of sounds structured into 8 folders: bass loops, builds & fills, drum hits, drum loops, fx hits & sweeps, hooks & drops, melody loops and top loops.

Going from euphoric and madness pumping hooks & leads, earth shaking monster kicks, electric basslines, gentle and bigroom breakdown melodies, drop & go fills and effects, all the way to complete drum loops and top loops, this pack should not be missed from your personal library of sounds. All of the bass loops, hook loops and melody loops are exported both DRY & WET and come with MIDI files so you can import those into your favorite synthesizers and go wild.

The hooks and melodies are delivered as 4 bar loops, broken down into the layered sounds used to create them. (e.g. Hook & Drop 01 128 BPM E DRY 1, DRY 2, DRY – where DRY 1 is the first synth; DRY 2 the second one and DRY is the full mix of the two without FX). Everything is key and tempo labeled and delivered as 24bit 2-16 bars WAV & REX2 loops along with corresponding MIDI files for all musical content. We have also key labeled the tonal kick drums for your convenience.

What you get is 1.66GB of content that includes 1634 files broken down into: 1203 WAV files (60 Bass loops, 30 Builds & Fills, 310 Drum hits, 180 Drum loops, 40 fx loops, 295 Hooks & Drops, 228 Melody Loops, 60 top drum loops), 195 REX2 files for the drum content, 204 MIDI files for all musical content and 32 multiformats for EXS24, Kontakt, NNXT and Halion software samplers.

Refresh your sample library with one of the best HY2ROGEN releases up to date.

The demos contain only sounds from the pack. Don’t let them fool you as there is much more inside!