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Size 1.1GB+ of content
Files 609 total files
465 WAV files
102 MIDI files
33 Serum synth presets
9 Sampler Patches (EXS, Kontakt, Halion)
9 arp loops
29 bass loops
29 music loops
99 drum hits
161 drum loops
30 effects
10 horn loops
18 lead loops
25 pad loops
30 percussion loops
8 pluck loops
29 sequence loops
7 synth loops
10 vox loops
35 kick one shots
29 hat shots
35 clap one shots
Tempo 124 BPM
Other 24Bit 44.1Khz
4-8 bars long
Price in reward points: 2195
  • Reward Points: 100

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About this sample pack

Slowing down the tempo, HY2ROGEN explores new techno realms going for a more deeper and progressive direction to deliver a fresh assortment of raw inspiring materials, titled - Deep Techno Magic.

Inspired by artists that have put a dent in the universe of deep, progressive and melodic techno, this sample pack includes bits of creativity as seen on Stan Kolev, Matan Caspi, Boris Brejcha, Eelke Kleijn, Stanisha, Whomi, Marboc, Forniva and many other notable players in this game.

You get 30 track starting ideas in the form of various multi content loops served as arp loops, bass loops, horn loops, pads, plucks, sequences and synth loops that have their own perfect match correspondents inside the pack but you don't have to be limited to that and can always make new and interesting combinations with the elements provided. This whole collection has a scent of 80's vibe in terms of synths, melodies and instruments used. Apart from the musical loops you also get essential drum hits, 4 way stripped drum loops (base, full, hats and top), extra percussion for the rhythm section to layer with the drum loops, special effects to set the mood and of course as a cherry on top you have the vox loops.

The content is delivered as 13 main folders (arp loops, bass loops, drum hits, drum loops, fx, horn loops, lead loops, pad loops, percussion loops, pluck loops, sequence loops, synth loops and vox loops). You also have 3 additional folders (MIDI, Sampler Patches and Synth Presets). The majority of the content is delivered as 4-8 bars long. The music loops come with one extra bar at the end to catch the reverb/delay/release tails to allow a better integration in your projects. We have included MIDI files where applicable and also Serum presets that hold the exact sounds used in making this beautifully sculpted sample pack.

What you get is 1.1GB+ of content broken down into: 609 total files consisting of 465 WAV files (9 arp loops, 29 bass loops, 29 music loops, 99 drum hits, 161 drum loops, 30 effects, 10 horn loops, 18 lead loops, 25 pad loops, 30 percussion loops, 8 pluck loops, 29 sequence loops, 7 synth loops, 10 vox loops), 9 sampler patches (EXS24, Kontakt, Halion), 102 MIDI files and 33 Serum synth presets. Everything is key and tempo labeled (124 BPM) and delivered as 24bit 44.1Khz WAV files.

All of the sounds presented in the audio demos are available in this sample pack. Don't let the demos fool you as there's so much more valuable content inside.