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Size 1.6GB+ of content
Files 548 total files
984 total files
759 WAV files
30 track starters
27 Sampler Patches (EXS, Kontakt, Halion)
112 MIDI files
86 Synth Presets (Serum & Massive)
35 bass loops
20 clap loops
30 complete mix loops
100 sound effects
41 hat loops
13 instrument loops
30 kick loops
257 one shots
21 pad loops
30 percussion loops
71 pluck loops
21 ride loops
8 shaker & tamb loops
77 synth loops
10 vocal loops
Tempo 122 BPM
Other 24Bit 44.1Khz
4-8 bars long
dry & wet versions
Price in reward points: 2995
  • Reward Points: 100

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About this sample pack

From the depths of the HY2ROGEN laboratories we are thrilled to make your acquaintance with a fusion of electronic music styles served as a solid 1.6GB+ all in one collection of hypnotic sonic tools titled as Deep Culture Rave.

Sit back and take your time to listen to the entire journey through sound we've put together in the audio demo and embrace the experience going from a low tempo energy meditation state to a powerful, future rave inspired sound designed to catapult you into an odyssey of progressive sounds. What started as a modern future rave inspired sample pack, turned into a collection of sounds that hold deep house and progressive vibes plus melodic techno influences which combined with a more aggressive and upfront bigroom feel resulted in the mixture of sounds that stand proudly before you today.

This amazing gathering of musical tones comprises of 30 fully disclosed track starters which have been served as multi content loops, one shots, midi files and of course synth presets. You will be ecstatic to discover solid, clean and crips drums, creamy reese-like pads that generate trance-inducing states of mind, bass loops built to glue the mix, hypnotic synths and arpeggiated plucks which are the meat of this sample pack, versatile and essential sound effects that are plenty and will surely be used for many production sessions along with different miscellaneous sounds and instruments that tie everything together and add that extra something.

What you get is 1.6GB+ of content broken down into 15 main folders that hold 759 WAV files (35 bass loops, 20 clap loops, 30 complete mix loops, 100 sound effects, 41 hat loops, 13 instrument loops, 30 kick loops, 257 one shots, 21 pad loops, 30 percussion loops, 71 pluck loops, 21 ride loops, 8 shaker & tamb loops, 77 synth loops, 10 vocal loops), 112 MIDI files (bass, pads, plucks, synths), 27 Sampler Patches (EXS, Kontakt, Halion) and 86 Synth Presets (75 Serum presets, 11 Massive). Everything is key and tempo (122 bpm) labeled where applicable and the audio files are delivered at a quality of 24bit 44.1Khz. The musical content (bass & synths) has been exported as 8 bars long for extra details along with dry & wet versions.

Please note: The audio demo has been processed to sound loud, compressed and uniform. The individual sounds do not contain the same level of heavy processing and have been left as clean as possible to find their way into any project. All of the sounds presented in the audio demo are available in this sample pack.