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Size 1GB of content
Files 986 total files
805 WAV files
160 MIDI files
21 Sampler Patches (EXS, Kontakt, Halion)
340 one shots
30 accordion loops (dry+wet)
50 bass loops
50 ensemble loops (dry+wet)
50 fanfare loops (dry+wet)
30 fills
55 effects
35 percussion loops
40 sax loops(dry+wet)
50 top loops
50 trumpet loops(dry+wet)
25 tuba loops
Tempo 125 BPM
Other 24Bit 44.1Khz
4 bars long
Price in reward points: 2995
  • Reward Points: 100

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About this sample pack

HY2ROGEN is proud to present a new and unique sounding sample pack titled - Balkan House, putting 1GB+ of creativity sparking materials at your finger tips.

This sound bending collection has been inspired by southeast european folklore with bits of klezmer and gypsy influences along with a mixture of different house music flavors dipping it all through tech soaked grooves and rhythms.

While indulging yourself with our carefully handcrafted demo, you can hear we have placed special attention to include a fair share of all kinds of brass goodies such as trumpets, ensembles, fanfare loops, saxophone riffs and tubas patching it up with some extra accordion loops. To accompany this contrasting direction, the sample pack doesn't go without the proper hard hitting bass loops, essential fills & effects, custom-built one shots, top drum loops and an array of percussion elements to hit the sweet spot.

The content is delivered as 12 main folders (accordion loops, bass loops, ensemble loops, fanfare loops, fills, fx, one shots, percussion loops, sax loops, top loops, trumpet loops, tuba loops). You also have 2 additional folders (MIDI and Sampler Patches). The majority of the content is delivered as 4 bars long. The instrument loops come with DRY & WET exports along with one extra bar to catch the reverb/delay/release tails to allow a better integration in your projects. We have included MIDI files for all of the musical content.

What you get is 1GB+ of materials broken down into: 986 total files consisting of 805 WAV files [30 accordion loops, 50 bass loops, 50 ensemble loops (dry+wet), 50 fanfare loops (dry+wet), 30 fills, 55 effects, 340 one shots, 35 percussion loops, 40 sax loops (dry+wet), 50 top loops, 50 trumpet loops (dry+wet), 25 tuba loops], 21 sampler patches (EXS24, Kontakt, Halion) and 1160 MIDI files. Everything is key and tempo labeled (125 BPM) and delivered as 24bit 44.1Khz WAV files.

All of the sounds presented in the audio demos are available in this sample pack. Don't let the demo fool you as there's so much more valuable content inside.